How can I tell the major differences between the 3/32" and 3/16" sanders in all models?

There are 2 places you can check:

  1. The throttle plate of the sander. If it is anodized (black color) then it is 3/32" (2.5MM) sander. If it is chromic (silver color) then it is 3/16" (5.0 MM) sander.
  2. The shaft balancer under the sander marks the size of the orbit.
How do I check the size of back-up pad should be used?

The size of the pad is marked on the shaft balancer under the sander. Remove the pad from the sander, turn over the sander, you will see the balancer and the information.

What do I do when the sander makes unusual vibrations or noise?
  1. Check to see if you have the right size pad installed on your AirVANTAGE sander.
  2. Check to see if the back-up pad is wrong size, worn-out, over-used.
  3. Check the Tool Operation section for detail information.
What should I do when sander runs by itself and does not stop even when lever is released or not pressed?
  1. Unscrew the inlet bushing (where the air connects to)
  2. Check to see if valve spring, valve seat, and valve are all inside the cavity.
  3. Make sure the valve’s pointed portion (cone side facing down) is fitted into the valve stem hole opening below (must lay flush and flat)
  4. Make sure the valve spring (cone side facing down) is fitted on top and into the knob of the valveScrew inlet bushing back onto sander
  5. Connect to air and see if problem is solved
Where do I send my AirVANTAGE Sander(s) for repair?

You need to send your sander(s) to the following authorized AirVANTAGE Service Center for repair.

Prime Supply, Inc.
AirVANTAGE TOOLS Service Center
1966 W. Holt Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768